Lili and Loo


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" Barney's on the tarmac."

That's how one customer described Lili and Loo way back in 2000.  In those days it was nothing more than a couple of tables filled with merchandise, (tastefully displayed, of course) at the 79th Street Flea Market behind the Museum of Natural History in New York City.

The brainchild of Melinda Slover, a former Production Manager in a graphic design firm, the business quickly outgrew the "Green Flea" as it was called.  Within a year, Lili and Loo had moved into permanent quarters in the riverfront town of Hudson, New York - 120 miles north of Manhattan.

There Melinda's taste, running from the classical to the eccentric, took off.  Her distinctive point of view juxtaposed the sleek and the rustic, the ancient and the modern, the raw and the refined.  And it didn't hurt that the prices were terrific - each item a find at an affordable price.

Two years after Lili and Loo opened, the store had outgrown its 850 square feet and a move to bigger space was inevitable.  Now housed in three adjoining 19th century buildings, Lili and Loo has kept the feel of a private home in each of the 15 rooms at its current Hudson address.  It's not unusual for customers to ask if they can move in to the second floor.

Lili and Loo themselves, fictitious citizens of the world, would be happy to settle down here any time.  It's a seductive space that mixes the ancient, the modern, the simple and the ornate.  The store is a total environment that seems to envelope visitors the minute they come through the door.